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 ABOUT kasey 

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Demon Slayer, Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Kasey Latta is the founder of the non-profit, About My Fathers' Business Global, Inc., the spiritual business, Kasey Latta Speaks,  and the online training school, The Ignition Life Academy, all to bring encouragement,  empowerment & personal development to God's people.

Kasey Latta is an unapologetically RELENTLESS Igniter 4 Christ, Prophetic Bible Teacher and Spiritual Warfare Strategist. She is a LIFE IMPACTOR and Marriage Master. Kasey carries a God-given mantle for marriage.  Spiritual warfare runs through her veins.  It is her fearless stance, anointing, and FIERY faith that make her lethal to the enemy. She loves God and loves people!

She is a Christian Cali Girl, prophet, bible teacher, wife, mom of 2 adult children, Kristian and Kendall, whom she raised with her husband.  She's married to her college sweetheart, Garland, for 33 years whom she met at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  While he played sweet music on his  trumpet in the band, she danced her way into his heart as an S.U. Dancing Doll.

As the daughter of a former drug addict, Kasey fought through hardships early in life.  She was bullied as a child and grew up friendless and endured constant attacks. As a result of her family struggles she often went without food during her high school years.

At the age of 16, she contemplated suicide but God said NO! God spoke to Kasey about having something important to do in this world, and He saved her life.  Today she is a suicide prevention advocate and the founder of The Suicide Watchmen, part of her 501c3 non-profit, About My Father's Business Global Inc.  

Kasey is a FIGHTER! Period! Point Blank! She fights for herself, for others, her family, and the Kingdom. She overcame low self esteem and depression through her adult life with God's deliverance.  She vigilantly fights the enemy and against the spirits of heaviness, darkness, and rejection.  

Her struggles have given her strength and made her a threat to all of hell.  Every attack and blessing have led to her purpose to IGNITE others for Christ and destroy every demonic thing in her path. With love, heart, and compassion, she will save as many as she can.

FAITH, FIRE, & FIGHT are her weapons through God's authority. Demons will flee!  She carries a mantle for marriage, especially troublesome marriages.  When attacks came to her marriage she became a marrige defender and intercessor, mentor, and Marriage Master.

She gained knowledge and grew in leadership as a member of her 22 year old multi-cultural generational church.  God has developed her through leadership in Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Mentorship, Creative Arts Ministry, and Young Adult Ministry.  

Kasey has been called to world-wide ministry for the hurt, broken, forgotten, and abused.  She is here to light you up with God's Anointing and remind you that



 She spits fire when she preaches the living word, and when she stomps satan, it's always with a pair of blinged out sneakers.  She's fun, fiery, and fearless in God.  Kasey passionately follows her calling and is

 About Her Father's Business.

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